Advice, Strategy, & COBRA Education

Aside from private and public seminars, Matt consults on a one-on-one basis with employers, third party administrators (TPAs), and insurance companies to improve and strengthen their COBRA administration procedures. With the most experience in the COBRA field, Matt has the ability to spot little-known errors in a company’s current procedures and make straightforward recommendations to correct the flaw before it becomes a problem. Matt believes that if an organization takes a proactive approach, COBRA can be administered efficiently and safely, with mistakes minimized. This positive and motivational approach to COBRA administration is appreciated by his consulting clients.

Consulting Services:

  • Complete analysis of all company COBRA procedures
  • In-depth review of all company COBRA notification language
  • Conducting roundtable staff discussions
  • Written action report identifying flaws and corrective steps
  • Drafting company COBRA standard operating procedures manual
  • Follow-up telephone/email support for questions and concerns
  • Internal training of staff members to ensure procedural consistency

Matt prepares a proposal for his services after discussions with the organization are completed, in which the specific objectives of the organization are identified. Costs are based on a variety of factors, including travel expenses, time onsite, and level of consulting services requested.