The Quick Start 2021 COBRA Training Program For New Benefit Administrators

The Quick Start 2021 COBRA Training Program For New Benefit Administrators

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Designed for new benefit/payroll/HR administrators, I'll build your confidence, update your procedures, and provide you the support you need to be successful.
This Is Not A Boring Webinar. Matt's live, interactive webcast brings the seminar room to your work or home office!
• Train your entire staff for the price of one registration fee!
• Matt answers your questions when you ask them, live, on air! 


Matt will prepare you for the COBRA challenges ahead in 2021 with a uniquely positive approach to your COBRA education. You can, and will, excel in your group health insurance continuation coverage responsibilities. Whether you self administer, or use the services of an outside COBRA vendor, this program will boost your confidence and provide you with the knowledge, updated administration tools and followup support to do your job effectively.

What you'll receive:

  • Live or On-Demand Webcast on February 3, 2021!
  • FREE Three Months of Followup TX or E-Mail Support!

The Agenda for Your 2021 Education

• Hey there is no one on COBRA so stop using that word!

• What every new administrators needs to know to survive as IRS COBRA audit!

• Understanding the flow of group health insurance continuation coverage!

• The key danger of using an outside COBRA assistance provider that you must overcome!

• Mastering the "IN" "OUT" and "OFF" COBRA notices!

• Reviewing the 60-30-14-60-45 day COBRA timelines!

• Complying with the COVID-19 COBRA expansion!

• and more!