Easy COBRA Administration in 2022 (Including The Expanded COBRA Rules Due To COVID-19)

Easy COBRA Administration in 2022 (Including The Expanded COBRA Rules Due To COVID-19)

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Critical COBRA "Alert" For Advanced 2022 COBRA Best Practices! - Thursday, February 3, 2022

The 2022 state-of-the-art COBRA training and administration system from the #1 COBRA expert in the country, Matt Isbell. A complete program consisting of street level COBRA education, updated administration tools to implement the new rules, and followup telephone and e-mail support for ongoing questions and concern. You are never alone as Matt becomes a member of your staff! 

​If you are tired of attending boring webinars where all they do is try to sell you COBRA administration services, then this program is for you. Matt will prepare you for the COBRA challenges ahead in 2022 with a uniquely positive approach to your COBRA education. You can, and will, excel in your group health insurance continuation coverage responsibilities. Whether you self administer, or use the services of an outside COBRA vendor, this program will boost your confidence and provide you with the knowledge, updated administration tools and followup support to do your job effectively.

What you'll receive:

  • Live or On-Demand Webcast on February 3, 2022!
  • FIVE Updated for 2022 Ready To Customize COBRA Notices!
  • FREE Three Months of Followup TX or E-Mail Support!

The Agenda for Your 2022 COBRA “Alert” Webcast

  • The top 10 mistakes made in 2021 by employers and immediate steps to correct them!
  • Preparing for the next "American Rescue Plan" and COBRA subsidy!
  • E-mailing COBRA Notices - When It Is Required!
  • Protecting YOUR personal liability in a federal COBRA lawsuit!
  • Reviewing the FIVE COBRA notices with updated language!
  • FIVE critical notification procedures overlooked by administrators!
  • How does FaceBook and Instagram integrate with your COBRA procedures!
  • The double edge COBRA sword - “Tolling” and “Double I Notice”
  • Preparing for and passing a DOL or IRS plan audit!
  • And More!